Tombolino Estate

Past and Present of Tombolino Estate

Villa Tombolino was built in 1928 and in 1950 was bought by Count Filippo.
It was he who started, in 1950, the first refurbishment that gave the villa those very fine features that we can still admire today.
In 2006 the villa was subjected to further modernization and renovation works, carried out by the son of Count Filippo: Count Niccolò Pandolfini and his wife Isabella.
¬†The name Tombolino derives from the particular sand dunes present in this area of Tuscany. Villa Tombolino stands on a small tombolo, a “tombolino”.

In 2016 the estate of Villa Tombolino was further enhanced with the construction of other two new structures: Villa Palma and Villa La Loggia.

Today Villa Tombolino has become a high quality resort, a flagship for luxury tourism on the Tuscan coast.


What to do around


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